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Leo: The beginning


I start this Blog with an easy and typical Swedish salute that will always be present when meeting other people! I will use this Blog to write some of the experiences I faced when I was choosing a place to study a Master degree, my first times after arriving to Stockholm and my daily life here. This introductory post will just give a glance of what I will write on the next weeks (more or less every week :-))

I am in my first year and honestly it was a bit tough to find a bit of time to write this entry. The school is almost monopolizing my schedule, but I am really enjoying it. It is very challenging and obliges one to take decisions due to the lack of time compared to the amount of work we have to do. But besides that I can say that so far my experience here as been very enriching, not only academically but also socially. I met numerous people here from many countries, and although I have  some international experience it is always amazing how much can you learn with people from different cultures!

Honestly I have to say that my new life here in Stockholm is divided in two parts, so far. The first weeks and after, but this story deserves an entire post which I will tell later 😉

Hope you start following us


Author: Leonel

Leão de 3ª geração (que se saiba) desde 1988. Ansioso por ver o Sporting voltar ao lugar de domínio do futebol português. Estou neste momento na Holanda, mas acompanho com muita vivacidade os acontecimentos futebolísticos. Desde o Euro '96 que acompanho equipas e seleções, e adoro debater sobre futebol!

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