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Theresa: It’s all about the balance

Hej hej,
A warm welcome from me, too! In the coming months I will be writing about my experiences as a Management Studies master student here at Stockholm University’s School of Business. The program started two and a half months ago, so it is time for a first summary. The program is interesting, challenging and full-time really means full-time.

So far, I finished two courses and just started the third one. In Sweden you usually only have one course at a time which makes it possible to go more into depth of one topic. The structure and assigned tasks vary greatly from course to course. We had to discuss and summarize course literature in groups for one course, write individual analysis of course related topics for another, and hold group presentations in yet another one. One thing they however all had in common: They all required extensive reading and critical assessment of the learned theories. But I will write about the courses in more details in another post soon.

Although I take studying very seriously and am ambitious, I also believe in the importance of getting your mind off the university once in a while. Going out, visiting museums, walking at the water front, having coffee and cake (here comes my German heritage) or going shopping – This is how I gain new energy for the next writing and reading sessions. And believe me, Stockholm has a lot to offer that serves exactly this need…

On Långholmen, an island in the middle of Stockholm, in mid October.

To sum up, for me it’s all about the balance in student life. And this is what I will be writing about in this blog. I hope you will enjoy the read and my posts will help you understand what to expect as a master student at SUSB.

I wish you all a good start in the new week! Mine starts with a presentation tomorrow afternoon…


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