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Good Morning 2011 and tip #1


Hello again,

Some things have happened recently that I would like to share with you since my impressions are still very bright. Yesterday I was lucky to visit one of the events organized by the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship. SSES is a school that utilizes the diverse academic environments of its member institutions (KI, KTH, SSE, Stockholm University and Konstfack), gathering their competencies all under one roof in joint educational programs. As a student of the Stockholm University you have a possibility to apply to additional courses in the SSES that I actually had done and I will inform you later whether I was accepted and how is it going.

The event I attended is called Good Morning 2011 and it attracts guests from a wide range of disciplines in order to share their knowledge and expertise in latest trends in the global development. In my opinion this kind of events can be extremely useful not only to entrepreneurialy thinking students but to everyone who has relation to business.

One of the most inspiring examples were the presentation of a woman entrepreneur, Christina Lampe-Önnerud, who has a PhD in organic chemistry and who is a founder of a company that pioneered the use of lithium-ion and other materials to deliver more powerful, safer and environmentally sustainable batteries for laptops, mobile phones and electrical vehicles. Now the company has offices all over the world and was able to get a huge number of patents awarded in energy storage power solutions.  Besides that Christina has two children and was also awarded Swedish Woman of the Year 2011.  Stories like this always make you move on and believe that anything is possible if you really want to achieve your goals and put efforts in it!

Some other remarkable presentation were related to love, family and relationships in the age of bioinformation and biotechnologies and the way genetics will influence our traditional values, how games and entertainment maps out the critical impact on the design and esthetic environments and the way happiness can be considered as a future business model. For me as a marketer it was especially interesting to see a case study of Ethan Imboden and his company on how innovative marketing and reimaging of customer’s experiences can be not only  a key to success for a company but even change an existing situation in such a particular market sector like sex toys commodities (yes, we are very open-minded here in Sweden :))

I definitely recommend to visit the event next year but please be sure to book your ticket really in advance to be able to get a student discount because places are limited. It refers to everything in Sweden: from buying products in the shop or ordering your books to booking places on events. Especially it makes sense for student events where you have to ensure your presence sometimes several months beforehand.

So here is a tip#1: book (and plan) everything in advance in Sweden otherwise you miss a lot of interesting and useful things!

 Have a nice weekend,



2 thoughts on “Good Morning 2011 and tip #1

  1. I enjoyed your enthusiasm. Looks like you guys have a very dinamic life there at uni. Keep posting. Best regards from UK.

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