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Theresa: A knowledge-intensive week

This week was really busy for me. At the moment, I am attending the course “Knowledge, Work & Organization” and there is loads to do. Generally, it deals with questions such as: How can organization learn? What different types of knowledge are there? How can knowledge be shared? But also rather philosophical questions such as “Is there such a thing as knowledge?” are discussed.

We mostly have one or two lectures and one seminar per week. For this course we need to read and discuss journal articles in groups and present our analysis of the article in a power point presentation in the weekly seminar. Some of the articles are really challenging as they incorporate theories from organizational studies, psychology, philosophy and sociology. Besides the presentation, we need to write a five page individual paper about any topic concerned with knowledge or learning. At the moment I am scanning through journal articles and still searching for an interesting topic. Since the paper is due in two weeks, I will need to decide on the angle soon…

My favorite part of the course is, however, the big group project. We were asked to find a knowledge-intensive company in which we can conduct a small research project by doing interviews, observations and some desk research. We ourselves can decide what we want to investigate, as long as it is in relation to knowledge. When a task is that broad, it is always quite hard to define the focus. Since the paper will be around 20 pages (including both theoretical and empirical part), the topic needs to be quite narrow. In my group, we have a few ideas already but have not finalized the research question yet. The good thing is that you can be creative and focus on something you personally find most interesting.

All these tasks need to be prepared simultaneously which means you need to coordinate the reading, group meetings, company interviews and research time. Sometimes it is a bit overwhelming and frustrating… I have a huge time table in my room now which is both calming and intimidating at the same time. But it sure feels great to cross out the finished tasks.  Sunday: finalize KWO presentation  🙂

I hope this gave you a short overview about this course. If you have any further questions, just leave a comment!


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