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Ana: It’s as much about where we’re from and what we do, as who we are

Hi everyone!

It’s time for me to start blogging.
I am a master student in the Consumer & Business Marketing program and I will try to give, in time, an insight on how is it to be student at Stockholm School of Business.
This is why, in the following months, I will write about the student life, classes and getting around in Stockholm.
Through this blog I also wanted to collect memories. I decided for some time that I wanted to study in a master program but was not sure what to chose. I got to the point when I thought marketing was the best option for me and therefore I looked for different programs. I got mostly interested in the courses of the Consumer and Business Marketing program in Stockholm School of Business. To me it seemed that the courses here were fitted best on my subject of interest and so I applied.
Now it’s only my 3d month as a student here, but studies are going at full speed. The schedule is filled with lectures,seminars, group projects, time to study for the individual assignments, meeting classmates and of course going out.
Therefore I look forward to write more about  these times, get suggestions on what the blog should also be about.

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