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Leo: The choice to study

Today I will talk a little bit about how I decided to choose the Stockholm University School of Business to further my studies.

After finishing my bachelor in the University of Porto, Portugal in Business Administration I felt I needed to specialize in an area to get more competitive, especially in European terms. I was looking for a school that had a very important international status and where the teaching methods would go in favor of what I was looking for – critical, challenging and with freedom.

I took a gap year to work in two companies which gave me a good idea of how organizations work but still I decided that this would be the right time to follow to a Master’s level. I created my own ranking of schools where, besides the criteria above, I also wanted to be in Europe and in an important city or region where I could gain with the synergies around it. High reputation and respect were two more points and the cost of the master as well. Having the opportunity to study for 2 years with the possibility of an exchange period was also considered as a plus but not exclusive. In the end I reached around 6 business schools to apply. From all of them the SUSB was the only I didn’t need the GMAT to apply. GMAT can be a good filter however it can filter too much as well. The SUSB, among many advantages, is known to be multidisciplinary and with an exam like GMAT many students outside the business area wouldn’t be able to reach this level. Thus I found that in this case not having GMAT was a good condition and a plus for the school. The SUSB was the first school I applied and since I was working I didn’t have much time to study for the GMAT so I decided that if I would get accepted I would keep this offer and not apply to the next ones, and like that it went. I put a lot of effort in having the best recommendation letters, motivation letter and CV. Fortunately I got accepted. I thought of applying to the Stockholm School of Economics, Maastricht University – Netherlands, Aalto University – Helsinki, Finland,University of Vienna, Austria and the Rotterdam School of Management, Netherlands all top schools but so far I think I made a good decision.

Hope that this helped anyone who has doubts in applying.

Hej då!


Author: Leonel

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