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Theresa: Is it really THAT dark?


One topic that always comes up when I tell someone at home in Germany that I am studying in Sweden is “the depressing darkness”. I must admit, I was a bit worried before coming here. Interestingly, not only foreigners discuss this topic but also the Swedes like to complain about the weather alike. It is a very common thing to talk about… Everyone seems to have their own strategy to cope with the winter and is more than happy to tell you about it:

“Drink at least four cups of coffees a day.”
“Buy one of those sun light lamps.”
“Do lots of sports.”
“Visit the solarium.”
“Book a holiday trip to somewhere warm.”

What I actually like about these short days is that everyone seems to appreciate the sun even more. As soon as there are some rays of sunshine, people are rushing outside and benches, the seaside and streets are full of people. This fall we were really lucky and had wonderful sunny and warm days!

People enjoying the sun at Strandvägen, Östermalm And with Christmas around the corner, thanks to the long nights you can gaze at tons of light and candle decoration and enjoy the cozy atmosphere even longer.

Okay, it is only the beginning of the winter but so far, I do not think the darkness is that bad. Currently it’s bright at around 8:30am and pitch dark at 4pm. I can feel that I am a bit more tired than usually but nothing serious. By applying some of the local recommendations I will hopefully still be of the same opinion in February. I will keep you informed 🙂


2 thoughts on “Theresa: Is it really THAT dark?

  1. As I’m planning to be in Stockholm for postgraduate studies for the next year, the depressing darkness is what I fear most. Will be waiting for your comments in January and February:)

  2. Up till now, it still hasn’t been so depressing. And the good thing: Now the days are actually getting longer again – whooop! But I’ll keep you posted 🙂