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Ana: About Getting Inspired

Hi everyone!

Hope you are doing well.  I thought I could share a little bit of the talks that inspired me during the last two weeks. Have you read Malcolm Gladwell’s book “Outliers” ? If you did, you can probably relate the following lines to 2 or 3 of the chapters in there.

As you probably know we had a guest lecture at Stockholm Uni held by Jose Filipe Torres, CEO of Blooming Consulting. Besides having the chance to learn a little bit about country branding, we got him to go out for a dinner with us  and ask him all kinds of weird questions. You probably realized by now that we also asked the classical “Tell us about how you became a CEO! “. Jose Torres told us that he started working at an early age and had an administrative job. He would use to stay over at work after everyone left and learn how to use computers until 4am. He became promoted in the company in a more creative job at a junior level, then  to a senior level and then became a director. After that he decided to start working in a consultancy company and while working there he realized that he could do all this work on his own. So, he opened Bloom Consulting.

As I had the chance to listen to a very inspiring person this week, I realized that I would have measured to a certain degree a person’s success in the promotions they get. Do you also do that ? Well, what if we would measure success in what and how much we learn? Then of course in what we achieve with what we learn? Do you think that the CEO of Bloom Consulting had to do the same, maybe?

Going back to the evening when we were out at dinner. Another popper questions, was related to why would anyone move outside their country. Jose Torres told us that he thought it was limiting to stay in our country for his entire life, when the entire world was out there. Do you agree with this one?

Hope you find this lines inspiring.

Have a nice weekend!





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