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Adelina: Christmas mood

Hey guys,

It’s been a long time since my last post, but these past two weeks have been really hectic. And it’s not over just yet. December seems to be the busiest month so far, school wise. Thank god for all the beautiful Christmas decorations, otherwise I wouldn’t have guessed that the winter holiday is nearly here.

Preparations for Christmas started in Stockholm about two weeks ago. Cafes, restaurants and shopping stores now stand beautifully decorated and appear even more welcoming than before. The fir trees are here, the glimmering lights, the red ribbons, the gift boxes… One thing that’s missing though is the snow. At this time of the year I quite expected to see everything covered in white. I have been saving for a warm, Swedish winter jacket for a while now, but the weather outside tells me I can still wait for a few more days.

But hey, despite this deceiving weather, the Christmas spirit is undoubtedly here. And I was so surprised to see just how much Swedish people love Christmas. It really must be their absolute favorite holiday. You can see people already shopping for gifts or getting all sorts of Christmasy ornaments for their homes. My favorite part is walking around the neighborhood and gazing at people’s windows. There is almost an unwritten rule here, that no window shall remain empty or poorly illuminated. Four weeks before Christmas, the Swedish people start celebrating the Advent, and the pretty window decorations are actually symbols for that; almost every apartment has the four-candle candelabra of the luminous paper star hanging by the window. With so little daylight now, these small glittering details make my evenings a lot more enjoyable. Whenever I get tired of reading some book, one look outside my window will instantly warm me up inside  and bring a smile on my face. You can feel it in the air, everywhere: Christmas joy!


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