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Leo: Entrepreneurship + Nobel


I am writing today about Entrepreneurship. Stockholm is definitely one of the hottest spots to create businesses. This is clear with the amount of companies that were recently created here, SoundCloud and Spotify are good examples of it. The Stockholm University is well prepared to support business and social business ideas but most importantly is the fact that it is one of the members of the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship. This school has many courses, that can be part of your curriculum, workshops, competitions and events (one of which Elena already talked about). This city is a great opportunity to open your business horizons and why not start here your entrepreneurial career 😉

This week we are having Nobel lectures with the laureates in the Stockholm University. This is a great opportunity to see in loco the great minds that are making the difference in their field of studies. Yesterday we had Thomas J. Sargent and Cristopher A. Sims which had an insightful speech. I personally prefer Macroeconomics to Statistics so I quite enjoyed more the first speaker but obviously they are both tremendously important in this world. You can also try your luck to be part of the Nobel Banquet, however it is quite complicated to have a spot. However you can still apply to participate in the organization since they are always looking for volunteers.

Anyway, this is another great option if you come to study in our School, and to remember that our professors can also vote for the election of the Nobel laureates, so who knows if we are not attending to one of the courses of a future laureate!


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