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Ana: courses, studies & groups

Hello everyone

Here is an update on how things looked for us starting November.We started with 2 courses in the same time. Lectures and seminars were compulsory. We had to form groups and start working straight away, because we had one assignment per week.

To be honest, I was afraid that studies will get really difficult, especially with a few assignments which were related to consultancy. But, we tried to figure things out in our group, after some stress, of course.

One of the things which helped to work in a group was to be involved with mates that were very different from each other. We had a lot of different perspectives which prepared us for not having our work  completely bashed. Yes, you read it right, our assignments get criticized a lot. We are actually encouraged to be very critical, to question everything and give peer reviews, so that, maybe we will be prepared in the future to make good arguments.

Now, we still have some work to do before and after Christmas, but we will have some time off as well. Anyway, I’ll keep you updated, because there are some other things happening here that you might be interested in.


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