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Leo: 4 days to Christmas :-)

I am writing this post from the Frankfurt Airport on my way to Portugal to celebrate Christmas with my family. Many students, specially the Europeans are doing the same, however future students should be aware of the risk of booking a flight on these days because it can implicate missing lectures or seminars. I booked my flight few months ago, and although the schedule was changed (this can happen) I had to miss a seminar and receive extra work. This is very common in Sweden, if you a miss a seminar you will most likely have to write an extra paper. Lectures so far weren’t compulsory, butI strongly recommend them. Future master students have to know how to manage their time and even their schedule, so these will be the challenges that who ever is accepted next year will have to face.

Next week I will be back to Sweden, to celebrate New Years’ Eve. I am really looking forward for that. I am interested to see what will happen and definitely I will share here that experience.

I left Stockholm after the first days of snow, hopefully it will continue to snow when I return. But for now I will enjoy 15º Sunny Porto 🙂


Feliz Natal!



Author: Leonel

Leão de 3ª geração (que se saiba) desde 1988. Ansioso por ver o Sporting voltar ao lugar de domínio do futebol português. Estou neste momento na Holanda, mas acompanho com muita vivacidade os acontecimentos futebolísticos. Desde o Euro '96 que acompanho equipas e seleções, e adoro debater sobre futebol!

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