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Leo: Back to work

After Christmas and New Year’s Eve, 2012 starts as it 2011 ended with a lot of work. I have to finish still an essay and a group project so I can start to focus in the Spring Term. I spent a great holiday week in my home country and know I have my batteries fully charged for some hard work here!

This year we are lucky to have the first course of Chinese offered for Non-Swedish speakers by the Confucius Institute. It is going to be a great opportunity to learn a new language, but most importantly (as one of our teachers said) to learn a new philosophy! I had the opportunity to read the details for this course and it will be very demanding. I expect a lot of work for it.

An interesting aspect prospective students might find useful is that besides the program compulsory courses there are many other courses that students can enroll if they are interested. Obviously it means more work and no one will feel pity for you if you choose having an extra load of work. However, it can be very interesting and challenging if you find something fitted for you.

Next time I post, I will write about my experience trying to find a place to live in Stockholm which, if you don’t know still, is like Hell. Very difficult, maybe the biggest problem of the city.

Have a good kick-off on  2012!


Author: Leonel

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