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Theresa: Sports as a part of Swedish (student) life

When you are in Sweden, you will realize pretty quickly: Doing sports is a big part of the Swedish lifestyle. In summer and winter alike you see professionally dressed joggers and cyclists on waterfronts and in the streets. While in winter cross-country skiing is very popular (if there is snow), in spring, summer and fall people seem to be drawn to the water where they go sailing, kajaking and swimming. The advantage of these sport activities is that beside the equipment they are free of charge. And you do not only get a work out but also plunge into Sweden’s beautiful nature.

Now in winter you can spot many people with huge sport bags in the university and subway. Working out at a gym seems to be very popular here. The student union at Stockholm University runs a gym on campus (Frescattihallen) which I find extremly convenient. A bit spoiled by the prices of sport course for students in Austria, I was surprised about the fees at first. In comparison to other gym companies in the city, their prices are however still the lowest. You can buy different membership cards (only group class-package, only gym, both, specific classes) and different durations.

Of course there are also other gym companies in Stockholm. Many have several branches all over the city which has the advantage that you are more flexibel to choose the location according to other plans. Furthermore, they offer more courses. They are usually a bit, some also a lot more expensive. As I have never visited any of those gyms I cannot judge their offer. Some of my friends joined one of those gyms and are satisfied as well. As with everything, it is up to yourself to decide what fits your expectations most and how much you are willing to pay…

I decided to buy a 6month card (1180kr) for the group classes at the gym on campus and am really satisfied. There is a schedule with different courses which I can attend all. I only need to show up at the gym around 10minutes before. Even though I am not the super, super sporty person I have always done some kind of sports and find it very rewarding. We are working very hard in this program and are quite exhausted mentally in the evenings. The rest of the body is however not really challenged and therefore without sports, I sometimes have a hard time falling asleep. Ironically, I also have the feeling that working out makes me more awake during the day, especially now in winter when it’s darker.


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