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Leo: Housing


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I’ll talk today about the my experience with housing. That was definitely my biggest challenge when moving to Stockholm. It was really hard to find a place to stay, so if you are thinking about moving to STH be aware of this fact. There is not a lot of offer in the city to stay, the rents are very high and the landlords are not very interested in renting to individuals, specially students. This is a consequence of a very static housing market in the center which “obliges” people to live in the suburban areas. There is no problem with it, they all have great conditions, good connections to everywhere and usually better prices (rent, supermarket, etc). However if you are dreaming with a Stockholm downtown flat, prepare yourself for a very very hard time. Basically it is not just about money, you also have to be very lucky. Students in Stockholm have an organization that manages students flats/dorms/studios in student campuses located in several places of the city. It is called SSSB and I would recommend you to register beforehand. It runs in a similar system of auctions, where there are flats being offered and according to the number of days (points) you are registered you can apply. The person with highest number gets the place. However, this is really hard since many people stay more than a year to get a place. Another possibility is to wait for Last Minute offers which appear in the same place and works in a first come first served basis, independently of your days registered.
Anyway, fortunately I got one of these Last Minute offers and I am at the moment in a very famous student campus Lappis, located next to the main campus of Stockholm University. I am close to everything, and my rent is not high. Whatsoever, I am very very glad that I got a place (it took me 2.5 weeks).
I should warn you not to send any money before you see a place and trust the person. I passed through different schemes , that asked me to pay in advance because they weren’t at the moment in the city etc etc etc I was always very cautious so I never fell, but beware.

Anyway this is maybe the biggest challenge you will face in Stockholm, but as people say it is part of the adventure!


Author: Leonel

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2 thoughts on “Leo: Housing

  1. I have a similar experience. My recommendation is also to contact EVERY person you know, talk to everyone you meet because a lot of places are also given to “somebody who knows somebody”. In the end, I found a room by talking to a girl with whom I was in kindergarten in Germany! A friend, of one of her friends was looking for a flatmate 🙂

  2. great sharing… i enjoyed reading this article.