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Ana: outside curricula activities and courses

Hello dear readers!

I wrote in a previous blog post about the fact that there are different activities and courses at the Stockholm School of Business, besides the curricula. These activities can relate to a course that you need to take or how a course can be made better. Or it can be about getting advice regarding your career or getting to learn to be an entrepreneur.

The first group I heard of, after being accepted at the Business school, was the Graduate Student Council. GCS is engaging students in different projects. Besides organizing pub nights and city tours, the people in GSC talk about the master study program and courses. For example, Leo really wanted to learn chinese, at the basic level. He asked for that and got a chinese for beginners course in the curricula. Now quite a few of the master students are taking the chinese course. I guess maybe if you don’t ask for something, you don’t get it sometimes. And the opposite is then valid.

Then, you can also sign up at the Career Centre or be part of Foreningen Ekonomerna, which is the Association of economists. They can help students get in contact with interesting business. Right at this point, getting some career help can be very important, because we also have the option of taking an internship program during the 3rd semester.

Another option, as a student at Stockholm University, is to sign up for workshops or classes at the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship and learn more about how to run your own business. You have to sign up in time and, sometimes, you must have enough credits to get into a course. Still, the topics covered are very interesting. In February for example, SSES has a course in Entrepreneurial Finance.

Now Adelina and I, got some great ideas for our next projects. But more on that later 😉


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