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I would first like to wish you a Happy New Year, I hope you had an awesome Christmas holiday ! I know I did, although I spent about half of it working on final projects for the semester’s last two courses. It was a fun ride writing two separate papers at the same time, but I’m sure glad it is over and now we are off to a fresh start.

Right now  I guess you are ready to send in your application documents, which means you have made up your mind about the master program you’d want to be in next fall. From what I’ve heard, two of the programs at SUSB were the most sought after by international students and I have to say that is truly great news! Hopefully this blog has had a small contribution to your decision-making process and in that case we want to thank you! Finally, best of luck to all of you!

By now most of you have probably sent in the application documents, but for those who haven’t yet, make sure that everything gets to the University Admissions Office by February 1. One big quality of the Swedes is their punctuality, they are really fond of getting things done in time. Also, don’t forget to double check that you have all the documents that are needed, all the official translations and so on.

Some of you may know that the Swedish and Nordic students apply for international masters in Sweden a bit later; the application deadline for them is April 15th. However, students from the European Union also have the possibility to apply then…so for those European students that missed out on the first application period, you still have a chance in mid April. You can get more information about this by emailing our student counselors at I advise you to contact them for whatever questions you might have, because they are there to help you and they answer really fast. I remember they helped me a lot, both during the application process and after I learned I had been admitted.

Finally, for those who will enter SUSB as new students next fall, I am already jealous of you. The school has just welcomed a string of new professors who will be here for a while, preparing various courses and I am sure that they will offer new exciting things. You can read about the new people at SUSB here

My next post will be on study and food facilities around the campus, so stay tuned! Oh, and if you really enjoyed reading this post or others, you now have the option to rate it. We are expecting your comments as usual, because we are really keen on getting feedback 🙂

I will now go and do a shopping list  because these days there are some insane sales offers in every Swedish store and you really don’t want to miss that 🙂




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