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Are you interested in Swedish history?

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In the beginning of this semester a couple of my classmates and I had a chance to visit Uppsala, one of the oldest university towns in Sweden.  Its history dates back to 1164 as a Swedish political and cultural center whereas Uppsala University was founded in 1477. Building of the Uppsala University, main cathedral and Uppsala castle definitely is an architectural heritage of Sweden. Don’t miss the “Silver book” or the Codex Argenteus, the 6th century manuscript originally containing bishop Ulfilas’s translation of the Bible into the Gothic language. It is the most important book in Swedish history and is displayed in Carolina Rediviva library. So no wonder that Uppsala became a hometown for lots of famous Swedes, for instance, Ingmar Bergman, Dag Hammarskjöld, Carl Linnaeus, Anders Celsius and so on. I hope you all know who they are and if not please check Wikipedia before going to Uppsala 🙂 You can buy tickets easily at the T-centralen station in Stockholm. It will cost you around 100 kr and in 40 min you will be able to enjoy this wonderful town.

In my opinion Uppsala still keeps this special Swedish authentic spirit that Stockholm has lost to some extent and I highly recommend to experience it at least once. And special thanks to our classmate Steffi who showed us around!


One thought on “Are you interested in Swedish history?

  1. I sure am interested.. In fact, I am trying to build a web page about Sweden in general, but also very much about it’s history. Feel free to swing by: