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Theresa: Time to study for Strategic Management

Hej Hej,

This Friday I will have my first exam at Stockholm University – Uhhhh (last semester, all courses were graded according to assignments). The course I have at the moment is called “Strategic Management“. We are learning about different approaches to identify and create a competitive advantage, things to consider for strategic decisions such as merger & acquisitions or foreign entries as well as strategic implications for CSR. I enjoy the course a lot as we constantly apply the theory on case studies. After the rather research and theory-focused courses from the first semester, it is refreshing to learn some things about the “real life”. The lectures were extremely interesting. And entertaining. We also had two guest lectures, in which we got insights into the pharmaceutical and insurance industry. As in all courses so far, critical thinking is required in this course, too. The teachers always challenge you to identify assumptions, question the taken-for-granted and find creative solutions.

So, for the next few days I really need to resist the sunny weather and frozen lakes… Library, here I come!


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