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Ana: The financial part


Dear readers,

This time I thought I could write about money or funding you might need as a student in Stockholm. I just checked to see what is the cost of living in Sweden as a student. While, I thought that numbers might be accurate for Sweden in general, but not for Stockholm, I thought I could give you an update.

I think it is very difficult to give a monthly estimate of the amount you might need as a student here, because it all depends on so many things. But maybe I can  help you get an overview of the costs of living in Stockholm. Just so you can check whether you can get funding from a scholarship or a student loan. Or maybe you will need to work part time, although it is not recommended.

So here we go.

Accommodation: 3300 – 6000 SEK, although the amount can be higher sometimes. The amount can differ depending on whether you live in a student apartment, you share or you live on your own. Rents in city center or new apartments cost more.  Anyway I advise you to make sure you don’t pay too much because sometimes the price of a place is not really justified. All expenses, such as water and electricity should be included, therefore it’s good to double check that. And the most important thing is to never ever pay cash as deposit, as many scams can happen like that.

Internet: 300 SEK, if not included in your rent.

Local travel: 560 SEK if you have a student card. Membership costs 80 SEK per semester. But Stockholm is a very bike-friendly city, so a bike can save some costs.

Medical care costs about 150 SEK per appointment, excluding dentists that have higher prices.

Phone expenses start from 200 SEK per month for a pre-pay card.

Food can cost between 1500 and 2000 SEK per month. Shops usually send  advertising papers  with the different products on sale.  Therefore signs that say  “ingen reklam tack” or ” reklam, nej tack” on your door, that mean “no advertising”, are not be really helpful.

Going out is the toughest one to estimate, because it depends so much on a person’s lifestyle. But here are some prices. A coffee can cost about 20 – 25 SEK in the city, latte can be 30-35 SEK. Beer costs 45-60 SEK, lunch costs between 60- 80 SEK and dinner can costs between 100 – 500 SEK, depending on where you go. In the student campus prices are a bit lower.

My tip here is to check, that gives a lot of information about the different places to go out, discounts or happy hours.

A ticket to a concert can start from 200 SEK and they sell as low cost flight tickets. The closer the concert date, the more expensive the tickets. But there are some exceptions. For example Debaser Medis, a club that has many concerts.  Before 10 pm, the entrance is free. There is always a long queue starting 9.30 but at 9.15 there are very few people there.

Museum entries can be free or can cost up to 150 SEK. There is a guide at the entrance of any museum that has information about the different days when some museums have free entrance. Audio guides cost around 20 SEK. One of my favorite museums is Fotografiska,, so  I decided that I will get annual membership and get free entrance for a year.

There is another website for going out that I can recommend that offers information about different free of charge events.

Gym costs about 300 – 350 SEK per month. Students get better prices in the student campus. The website is and they also show the different prices they gave. If you don’t live close to the university it might be less motivating to go all the way to the student campus.  In that case, a subscription to the swimming pools is a good alternative. They offer reduced prices for students, that include both gym and swimming.  There is more information to be found on

So what do you think?

Hopefully, you find this information useful and will help you estimate what is the amount you will need while being a student in Stockholm.

Anyway, the most important thing is that whatever you  do, make sure you have fun.




2 thoughts on “Ana: The financial part

  1. Hej Ana,
    I’l l be applying for a scholarship soon and right now I’m gathering all the info I can get. I found your post very helpful, thanks for the tips.
    I got my fingers crossed, can’t wait to go there! 🙂

    • Hi Carlos!

      I am so glad to hear that you think the post was helpful. I wish you lots of good luck to get the scholarship you applied for and I hope you will make the most of your time in Stockholm.

      // Ana