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Theresa: New course – Power, Change & Resistance


Two weeks ago my new course started and I must say: It is very intense! I find the topic extremely interesting, since power, change & resistance are everywhere – not only in organizational context. During the course, we approach these concepts from various theoretical perspectives. In order to question, compare and apply these theories, a lot (and I really mean a lot) of reading is required. I did not enjoy all the readings to the same extent but some of them were really eye-opening and gave fresh and unexpected ideas. The good thing is that the course is very structured, which means you always know what you are expected to have prepared.

Reading literature is of course not all – the course also consists of group assignments and one individual essay. In groups, we analyzed tactics of power in a case study, and looked for faces of resistance in “Working Girl”, a movie from the 80’s. I enjoyed both of these tasks a lot, and it was especially fun to watch the movie (the outfits and young Harrison Ford and Alec Baldwin make it already worthwhileJ). In the 3000 word individual essay, we are expected to choose one of six given statements/questions and critically discuss it by using the studied course literature.

This course is focused on personal learning progress, which is reflected in the examination. We do not get graded on the assignments and essays we hand in at first; rather the re-worked versions (that should integrate the feedback received during the seminars) are evaluated at the end of the course. I think this approach is very good, as you do not have to “get it right” from the start. By receiving detailed feedback and actually having time to adapt my papers, I hope to improve my academic writing and analytical skills.

For further information about this course you can check the web page or just ask a question in the comments and I will get back to you.

Cheers, Theresa


5 thoughts on “Theresa: New course – Power, Change & Resistance

  1. hey Theresa!

    thanks a lot for your stories!!! please keep blogging and tell us more about your other classes..also…how is it with banking in Sweden?? Was it difficult to get an account at the beginning (share your story plz)?



    • Hej Alex,
      Thanks for your feedback! It is nice to hear that our posts are helpful 🙂
      To your question: I myself did not open a Swedish bank account, as I can withdraw money with my German credit card for free. But some of my friends got an account. Generally, there are special student offers for almost every bank. It is no problem to get an account when you have received your personennummer. This is a number you have to register for anyway at the tax department when you stay longer than one year in Sweden. However, it takes 4-6 weeks (or when something goes wrong – like in my case – up to 3 months). But some banks also accept students who do not have the number (yet). However, this seems to be tricky and depends on the person you meet at the bank… Can be a bit time consuming, but in the end, everyone who wanted to get an account, got one 😉
      If you have any further questions, just let us know!

  2. Awesome! U said you have a German credit card? I have a Deutsche Bank u think it will work (no one here in Germany could tell me about Germany-Sweden ATM partnerships etc)?

  3. Hej Alex, my credit card is from another banking institut, therefore I do not know the conditions at Deutsche Bank. It might also depend on the specific offer you chose. Did you try calling their customer-service hotline for help? I usually do that, as I find bank’s webpages rather overwhelming – There is tons of information but you never seem to find what you are looking for… Good luck with your research!

  4. In reply Alex,
    As far as I know Deutsche Bank has no Swedish partner banks and there are no (or maybe one by now) Deutsche Bank cash machines. While you are able to get money from Swedish cash machines anyway, they will charge you with fees, my guess is about 7 euros per cash withdrawal (at least that is the case in the UK).

    Which credit card institute do you recommend, then if you are able to withdraw cash for free?