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Application period open for students from EU


Hello dear readers

I just want to remind those of you from the EU, that the application period is now open again.If you think of applying, you can find more how to do so  here .

You can also check out how the School of Business is doing at master level and see the rankings.

And if you are in need of more practical information, you can find some either on this blog or on this link.Or just mail us your questions, and we’ll try to find out as much information as possible.

I wish all of you applying to the School of Business, good luck!




2 thoughts on “Application period open for students from EU

  1. hello there!!!

    i have applied to the master programme in banking and finance and .I ve just received a notification of the university admissions site saying the following:”
    Quantity and quality of previous academic studies (INT)
    Your ranking in this selection group is: 9 of a maximum (9 999)

    What does that mean exactly?is it possible that my score is so low due to a misunderstanding of my educational background?do you think that i still have any chance of getting admitted?

    • Hi Alexandros!

      The results of the application will start being sent the 15th of July. The message should clearly say whether you have been admitted or not, and which program you have been accepted to. I would not consider the above message you got an indicator of your results.

      So, I wish you good luck and hope you get admitted to in the finance program. Let me know how it goes!