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Theresa: Reading, reading, reading – But What and Where?



Most of us have stressed that nearly all courses require a lot to read. I thought it might be interesting for you to learn a bit more about what and where we are reading:

1. What do we read? The reading list usually consists of a few books and articles. Sometimes there is a course book included which helps you to get an overview of the relevant topic. As these books are designed for students, they are usually very well structured and easily understandable. The other books are academic research books written by scholars and usually take more time to read. They are much more theoretical and I sometimes must re-read passages to understand the described concepts. The same applies to articles, which stem from academic journals.

2. Where do we get the literature from? In general, it is your responsibility to get access to the literature; the course instructor won’t provide you with all of the material. All the articles can be found through the library’s online databases. This means, if you’re logged in your student account, you can access the articles for free.

To get the books you have several options: It can be very helpful to have some contacts to second year students – they might have some old copies or a scanned version. If not, there is still another “student-budget-friendly” possibility: The student union operates a second hand book shop on the main campus where you can find cheaper copies of nearly all books. However, there are limited numbers, so be sure to check in time! (Btw, you can also re-sell the books you do not want to keep, and get a bit of money back.) The last option is, of course, to buy a new version of the book. The prices of the books I bought ranged between 60 and 400kr. There is a “normal” book store on campus as well, which is super convenient when you are under time pressure. Otherwise, it might pay off to order them online.

3. Where do we read? Most of the times I start reading at home. After a certain time, I however need a change in my environment. Plus, home can be quite distracting (Oh, the computer. Oh, the fridge…). There are endless options on campus. There is the main library which has great study tables facing the nature (can be however very crowded), or you can visit libraries of specific institutes which are spread all over campus. In the school of business, the newly renovated study room is nice as well. Or you can sit in one of the several cafés. You will definitely find a place that fits your “reading needs”. Just explore the campus a bit and check out the less crowded places, too!

If you have any further questions – Just asked in the comments and we’ll be happy to give some more details.

Happy Easter everyone, or Glad Påsk how we say here in Sweden 🙂


5 thoughts on “Theresa: Reading, reading, reading – But What and Where?

  1. Lovely blogg!

    I am a UK graduate, currently living in London and working as an analyst. I am really intrigued by this masters programme and the allure of Stockholm as a city to live in. I obtained a 2.1 Honours degree and was just wondering what type of degree/grades you had when you applied to this programme, just to see if I have a chance of being accepted in 2013.

    Best regards,

    • Hej Rachel,

      I am glad to hear that you are considering to apply to SUSB next year. Concerning your question: I don’t think there is a specific “background” the school is looking for. It rather seems as if they try to create groups that are as diverse as possible. I studied corporate communications before, my fellow colleagues have degrees in international business, human resource management, tourism management, but also sociology, engineering or languages. Some have worked for a few years, some ‘only’ did internships. A similarity I have identified is that everyone seems to have lived abroad and has an open mind-set and thinks globally. But in the end, I do not know what evaluation factors the university considers… I wrote a very personal motivation letter that precisely explained why I want to study this program, how it would benefit me personally and professionally and how I would contribute with my experiences to the program. As the motivation letter is the one thing you can influence the most (as you’ve already finished your bachelor degree), I would recommend you to show all your energy, motivation and passion in that essay.

      Good luck and greetings to London,

  2. Hi Theresa,
    Thank you for your reply. Some very good advice there. I was just hoping I could ask you rather personal question, i totally understand if you do not wish to reply on your blogg (I am being very unEnglish by even asking). But I am just curious as to what sort of grades u had in your undergraduate degree when you applied for the masters programme.

    Best wishes,


  3. Hey there!

    Thank you for the informative blog post! At the moment, I’m finishing Bachelor’s programme in Finland, but recently I have been accepted to the Master’s programme at Stockholm University. Here, at my school in Finland, students almost never buy any books as our school has a giant library that has an extensive amount of literature available for borrowing. In your post, you mainly discuss “to buy” options, so my question is, does Stockholm university school of business have the library, where the most course books are available for reading and borrowing?

    Thanks in advance for you reply!

    • Hej Natalia,
      First: Congratulations 🙂
      You asked a good question, I totally forget the lending option… But unfortunately that also tells you a bit. There is a huge library at the main campus which often, but certainly not always, has one or two copies of the books on our reading list. If you are really quick, you might manage to lend it. I am not so good in planning ahead though and stopped even checking the books in the first place. I mostly have a combination of used books and scanned versions, which works for me. Plus, I really like to mark things in my books which I couldn’t do if they are from the library…
      Hope that answered your question! Have a nice summer and a great start at SU,