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Hi everyone,

As promised a long time ago (sad face), this post will try to help you find your way around the Stockholm University campus.

The first thing you need to know as a School of Business student is that you will always be on your way to and fro two distinct campuses. There is the main campus of SU – Frescati – where the majority of SU faculty buildings are located. Frescati is right next to the Universitet subway station. The other smaller campus, where the buildings of the School of Business are, is located in the beautiful Kräftriket area, about 10 minutes away from Frescati. Going from Frescati to Kräftriket, you can either walk for about 10-15 minutes, or ride the buss for 5 minutes. Very close to Frescati also lies the small student neighborhood Lappis (student flats, student dorms). You can find a map of the University area here

While in Kräftriket, we usually get a coffee, a sandwich or a salad at Cafe Prego They mostly have student prices, with a small coffee for 14 sek and a salad for about 50 sek. Also, if you use your student card to pay, you can get a small student discount. Located right in the faculty’s main building, this coffee shop is usually filled with people who have a fika or lunch, or just sit to read and study, or even meet to prepare group projects. If you bring a lunch box from home, there are several microwaves that you can use free of charge to warm up your food and serve it right there. During lunch hours (11-13) it can get a bit crowded, but Prego is a very warm and cozy place where you can get very good Swedish coffee. Not to mention that you have free wi-fi here, as well as everywhere in the school’s area.

Also in Kräftriket there a couple of computer and study rooms, yet I don’t know too many people who go there all the time. The majority goes to Frescati, probably because it is closer to the main university library and the Lantis restaurant.

Back to Frescati, you will find a bigger Cafe Prego, which runs the same prices, but has a wider product offer, including warm food for lunch. This one is located on the bottom floor in building C, right under the library. Some 50 meters away, in building E, there is Cafe Stories, which serves tasty soups, grilled sandwiches, quesadillas, pasta, meatballs and so on at quite decent prices So if you feel like spending some 20 sek more than usual on your lunch, this is a good place to go, while on campus. Not to mention that the staff are very friendly and speak English, of course, as almost everywhere in Stockholm.

Right next to the Akademi Bokhandeln and Campus Butiken (or where we get our books from), there is the big computer room at Lantis. Here you have about 100 computers to use, places where you can plug your own laptop and work, 4 big printers and the university IT support office. You can access these services by using your university card and your university account, which you get right in the beginning of the school year, after you register. There are always people here, since this computer hall is open everyday (Mon-Fri 6.30-22.00, Sun-Sat 8.00-18.00), so you can easily find a free computer to work with whenever you need.

Right above the Lantis computer room is the Lantis restaurant and bistro This place is open every week day on lunch hours (in Sweden, that is usually between 11.00 and 14.00). Everyday you have 3 different menus to choose from: meat, fish or vegetarian. As a student, you can put money on your student card (on the internet or in the restaurant) and if you pay with it, you have a special student price of only 56 sek. The lunch includes salad (there is an open salad-bar) and drinks (coffee, water, tea, juice), which you can refill how many times you want, for free :).  I, for one, come here very often, especially when I spend my whole day around campus, because, despite the cheap price, the lunch is pretty big and tasty, and I can always get my double dose of coffee for free. In the first two hours of serving, the place is quite packed with students and university staff, so make sure you come between 13h and 14h if you want to get a table right away. Once you’re done, you can always take your coffee outside and chill for a while on a bench or on the terrace. If it’s good weather, the ‘after lunch time’ can actually be the finest moment of the day. :D.

Another place that has opened quite recently on campus is Green Peas, located in the Gröna Villan, or the Green Building, very easy to spot from a distance. Although mainly a vegetarian restaurant, it also serves very very very tasty food for non-vegetarians as well. Open from 8.00 to 15.00, it serves breakfast and lunch, with prices ranging between 40 and 90 sek. Once again, lunch here also includes salad and coffee, a typically Swedish thing which I deeply enjoy. Their menu is very diversified, with foods from various cuisines, such as Japanese, Hungarian, African, Caribbean and so on. Though it may be a bit expensive, it pays to come here once in a while and serve something truly exotic and made with love.

On your way from the subway exit up into the heart of the campus, there are other smaller coffee shops and even a pizza- grill place.

Hopefully this post gave you an idea of how to get around the campus at SU, but if you have more specific questions, feel free to ask or comment below.

I’ll leave you with some photos that I took last fall. It was the beginning of September and yes, the weather was still wonderful! Enjoy!


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  1. hows the sports department and facilities of this university

  2. basically it would be nice to know if you could give me insights on athletic department and its facilities

  3. Hi Avy,
    Both Theresa and Leo have written about sports facilities here at Stockholm University.

    Hope this will give you an idea of what facilities are available on campus!