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The exchange program


Hello dear readers

How are you? Hope everything’s well.

Things are running at full speed here. We have 2 courses that in the same period, lots of readings, group work and individual assignments.

But here is something extra that  I am preparing for: the exchange semester.

I did my research on the universities and the countries that I could chose from. So by mid March, I had to apply for an exchange through the Office of International Affairs at Stockholm University. I had to fill in a form including a list of 3 universities where I wanted to study, to have a list of my grades from the 1st semester, a letter of motivation and a photo. Stockholm University chose the students that will travel abroad according to the number of courses completed, grades and availability at the partner university.

A week after I applied I got the result. My biggest wish was to study in Iceland, at Reykjavik University and I got a placement there. The university has a high standard and, in my opinion, Iceland is one of the most amazing countries in the world.

Now I have been in contact with Reykjavik University and I sent my documents there. I will also have to get the list of courses approved, and I chose the business courses that I haven’t taken in Stockholm University yet.

I was also so excited to hear from my classmates who chose to study abroad. Some of them will travel to Grenoble, others to Prague, Paris, Hong Kong, Bangkok or Seoul.

Anyway, the exchange semester abroad is only one of the choices we had. My classmates staying in Stockholm might get an internship which can be related to a course and get 30 credits for it. Or  they can choose from very interesting courses at the School of Business.

So, what would be you choice?




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