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Bringing Halloween to Sweden

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One of my favourite events of the year is Halloween. I love Halloween. When I use to live with my 5 other roommates in London, Canada while studying I would decorate the whole living room with anything I could find from the $1 store (you can buy ANYTHING from there- but that’s another story). We would all get dressed up, go out, and enjoy Halloween with the rest of the students walking down Richmond Street trying to find a bar that didn’t have a line stretching around the corner.

Stockholm University Student Union Halloween Dinner
Photo by SUS

Last year was my first time in Sweden for Halloween. I was so excited. I picked out my costume a month in advance (usually done in Canada by going to the nearest Value Village) and started counting the days. Well, I was in for a little surprise when I realized Halloween is not as popular in Sweden as it is in Canada- not at all. Luckily, the Student Union had a Halloween dinner otherwise I would have been all dressed up with nowhere to go.

I promised myself this year would be different. I would try and spread the news of Halloween to everyone in Sweden.  Step 1- See what everyone will be wearing. As I was thinking about what costume I would have for this year, I started asking people in my class what they would be for Halloween. And to my surprise, many international students hadn’t celebrated Halloween or thought you would have to dress up as something scary. Something scary? Most females at my university took this one night as an advantage to dress super cute, not super scary. Although once they found out they did not have to have a scary costume and could literally come dressed up as anything, they seem relieved.

Swedish Halloween Fest

Step 2- See where everyone is going. I did my best this year to spread the joy of Halloween by going to four different Halloween parties. Three house parties and one party put on by SUS at Viper Room. Surprisingly, everyone had on costumes- really good costumes. I thought I could get away with dressing up in not-so-original costumes like a school girl, pirate and 50’s housewife. Next time I’ll know better to put in a little more effort since some people went all out. From painting their faces, to making their own costumes, to some really creative ideas (Some guys with red dots and signs on their back saying “See you in bed.” If you live in a student corridor you know what I mean- bed bugs.)

All in all I think Halloween is becoming more popular in Sweden. I look forward to the day when I can take the subway on October 31st and not be stared at by the onlookers who have no idea about all the fun they are missing out on.


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One thought on “Bringing Halloween to Sweden

  1. You lucky guys. I would love to be with you in Sweden. Maybe next year. Have fun