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Time for a Ball

A Swedish tradition is right around the corner and Stockholm University is keen to bring the experience right to it’s student. Lucia is next week and on Thursday December 13th, Naturvetenskapliga Föreningen (the Science Association on campus) will also hold a Lucia Ball in Lantis. This event is open for all students and professors.

Lucia Ball at Stockholm University

Lucia Ball at Stockholm University
Photo by Thaer M.

If you ever want to experience a real Swedish dinner event, I highly recommend the Lucia Ball. I went last year to the Lucia Ball at Stockholm University and was in for a surprise. We got dressed up in ball gowns and tuxedoes to attend a dinner that included a three course meal, 7 drinks, and dessert. These dinners are more than just a meal. There is singing,speeches, dancing, swaying back and forth, hopping on to your chairs, and more. No wonder it was a 3 course meal-you really work up an appetite with all the activities.

And yes, you read right. Seven drinks. You may think that 7 drinks is excessive, but at a Swedish dinner they all have a purpose. Swedes sing alot of songs throughout the course of the meal. These 7 drinks are to certain songs and with different meanings. One song’s lyrics are Punschen kommer (The punch is coming), and you continually sing this phrase until you receive your shot of punch. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be Swedish to sing along.


Nobel Winner of Physics Saul Perlmutter and Nobel Winner in Chemistry Dan Shechtman being put through some unusual traditions at the Lucia Ball.

Another bonus of the Lucia Ball is being able to meet the Nobel Laureates who attend the festivities. During the dinner, the Science Association brings the Nobel Laureates on stage to put them through some unsual rituals in order to receive a frog medalian. The Nobel Prize winners that attended the Lucia ball last year included the Nobel Winner of Physics Saul Perlmutter, and the Nobel Winner in Chemistry Dan Shechtman. These brave Science students did not hold back on the questions but luckily the Nobel Laureates had a good sense of humor and went along with the gig.

Lucia choir.

Santa Lucia.
Photo by Photo Suede.

After the speeches, songs, drinks, and a performance by Lucia herself, the Kårsdraget (the musical band) played upbeat music for all those eager to dance off all of the food and drinks they had. The Nobel Laureates didn’t stay too long after since their now “god-like” status created a swarm of students eager to congratulate them on their prize. As the Nobel Laureates left to get some well-deserved sleep and the band died down, the after-party started up at Gröna Villan (The Green house).

All in all, it is a Swedish dinner one should not miss if staying in Sweden and I would highly recommend attending this Lucia Ball or any Lucia event next week in Stockholm.

*Not in Sweden at the moment? Join in on the fun by making traditional Lucia buns.


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