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How Do You Say “Procrastinate” in Swedish?

Where has the time gone…?

Initially quite keen and motivated to be an active contributor to this blog, days quickly turned to weeks, and weeks turned to months. Not even my competitive side and trying to keep up with my classmate Erica’s awesome blogging efforts served as motivation enough to sit down and write something!

It’s not that I haven’t been busy though…

While the beginning of this semester’s schedule saw two courses taken one at a time, the second half of the semester has consisted of two concurrent and thoroughly engaging courses. Furthermore, these two courses have put a lot of emphasis on group work; this is something I hadn’t really expected in coming to study at Stockholm University School of Business but quickly learned is quite common in the Swedish education system. It’s been fun though, with one course requiring weekly case studies/presentations assessing the communication strategies of various organizations— and the other course requiring a more in depth analysis of brands from a cultural perspective. The Consumer and Business Marketing Programme’s diverse student body is reflected even more prominently in smaller work groups, and it has been an incredible learning experience to undertake the assigned tasks while benefitting from the inter-disciplinary background of my group-mates. From a practical point of view, academic group work is also an excellent segue into the business world where collaboration is the norm [unless you want to be “plugging” away in the mail room as one of our current professors so eloquently put it].

One thing that the group-work, an intensified class schedule and abundance of extra curricular activities has made me realize though is the importance of managing one’s time and constantly looking to the future. Already a dominant conversation amongst classmates is that of autumn 2013! One of the reasons I chose this programme was the variety of options available for the third semester of studies; The School of Business has a great network of international exchange partners, a system in place which allows for students to undertake an internship as part of their degree and a wealth of electives available to those who want to stick around and continue studying in Stockholm. While it’s a tough choice between the three [and details have yet to be finalized regarding eligibility for internships and the like], it seems the numbers are evenly split between those hoping to study abroad and those already applying for internships at companies in Stockholm, other cities in Europe or further abroad.

Which brings me back to where I started, and my [sheepishly] admitting to having procrastinated writing this—just my second post. A couple of weeks ago, the behavioral economist, New York Times bestseller and famous “TED Talker” Dan Ariely visited the Stockholm University School of Business and gave an incredible guest lecture on (dis)honesty and procrastination. And while I won’t bore you with my laundry list of excuses (exploring Stockholm, concerts, dinners with friends, nights out on the town, afternoons and evenings in the library, a weekend trip to Copenhagen and the like…) I figured I might as well let him explain this “affliction” which nobody is totally immune from.
[Except for Erica apparently…]

…and if you’re procrastinating or just killing time while reading this, one of Dan Ariely’s amazing TED talks can be found here.



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