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New Year, New Resolution, New Broken Promise

New Year in Stockholm

New Years in Stockholm

Ahh 2013. Another year in Stockholm, another year of school, and another year to start (and break) my New Year’s resolution.  Yes, I am one of those people that get all pumped up about the New Year, ready to turn a new leaf, break old habits, and become the best person I can be: And then 10 days in it usually falls apart with excuse after excuse.

Why do we do this to ourselves? Wouldn’t it be better to accept our bad habits as part of us and not try and change them every time a silver ball drops in New York? I guess everyone deserves a second chance (or third or fourth) to be better themselves for the future. I just don’t know how many more chances I should get, but once again I’ve made a few resolutions for this year.

So what am I trying to do? I decided to start going to the gym more (as is my goal every year). This year I was ready. On January 2nd, (since January 1st is the religious resting-too-tired-to-move day) I set off for the local gym. After eating turkey, hash browns, and generally not doing much for 3 weeks it was time to go. I decided to join an aerobics class that sounded like Frescatihallen’s Body Pump classes: lifting weights, doing squats, etc. This class ended up being anything but weight lifting and more like cardio boot camp.

As I struggled and cursed under my breath for letting myself get so out of shape, in front of me stood the type of thing we all dread at the beginning of our resolutions. That single, way too happy full of energy guy doing those extra burpies and jumping around the classroom like he owned it. You want to tell him “No, you’re not allowed to me happy. If I’m not happy, you’re not happy.” I need inspiration right now, not degradation. Yet there he was, spandex and all, having the time of his life. If that wasn’t Richard Simmons (video below) then I don’t know who could be.  But despite the grunting, cursing and the dancing man, I got through the class alive. What doesn’t kill you apparently makes you stronger…until you wake up the next day and are too sore to get out of bed and make a sandwich.

After a week, I thought maybe I should prolong my New Year’s resolutions and wait until it is New Years somewhere else in the world. Thai New Years is April 13th – 17th and based on an ancient calendar in Ethiopia, New Years can begin on September 13th.  Then I could have more time plan/procrastinate the inevitable. Alas, in Canada and in Sweden, New Years will always be in January.

In the end, whatever your New Year’s resolution or promise is to yourself, I really hope you can commit to it and really allow it to help you throughout the year. Being able to commit to one thing can sometimes rub off onto other places in your life, and you’ll be happy once you complete it. So I will end this by saying Happy New Year and welcome back to all the students of the Stockholm School of Business!


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