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Day Light in Sweden

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Skating in Kungsträdgården

Skating in Kungsträdgården

This morning I woke up like usual, to the light streaming into my window to let me know that it is probably 11am on a Sunday and it’s time to do something useful for the day. As I looked at my clock I suddenly realized it’s not 11am, it’s 8am. Yes, finally after a couple months of the sun setting at 4pm in Stockholm, it has been slowly getting lighter and lighter since December. Yet I didn’t even notice this until today.

Stockholm lights throughout the city

Stockholm lights throughout the city in December

For those of you not used to living up North, during daylight savings time in Sweden it can get pretty dark during the winter months. In December (the shortest daylight month of the year) the sun rises at 2:50 p.m. and sets at 3pm. Yes, 3pm, a whole 6 hours of sunlight. While some feel more affected by the darkness than others,  (even Sweden has installed UV lights at some bus stations) at least in Stockholm there is a benefit. A lot of the stores and restaurants will light candles and put them outside the store during the winter. This makes it really pretty to walk around the city during the dark with all the extra lights and candles on to cheer you up.

I find that it isn’t until February that you realize all of a sudden that the days are getting longer. Next week the sun will rise at 6:50am and set at 5:15pm. This meas it’s time to start going out and enjoying the now 10 hours of sunlight. I just keep trying to remember: each week means one step closer to Midsummer 🙂


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