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What a week!

I’ve just finished one of the most uncertain, but in the same time one of the most interesting, courses so far in my masters, and in the same week, the activities in Marknadsakademien (Marketing Academy) have started for real, with meetings, lectures, social events, etc. It’s been a fun adventure in high speed!

In the course Technology Marketing, me and my group of six ambitious and eager students were supposed to choose a company for a case study that would be the ground of our research. It’s great when the courses gives us chances to broaden our network and get an insight in the world outside the university, and an opportunity to be creative! We chose to study another school called Hyper Island, which is a private school with a very interesting methodology. Lucky for us, Hyper Island let us into their organization, from CEO to students, so we could investigate their whole network and the role of technology within it. We are so grateful! It’s been a lot of laughters, insights, confusion, almost blood, sweat and tears, but it was all worth it. On Monday, we had a presentation for our teacher and on Thursday we were even invited to present the result to Hyper Island themselves, which felt like a big award in itself. Hopefully we can keep on doing interesting and fun collaborations!

In the Marketing Academy student association we have started with all the fun and interesting lectures and company visits for this term. As the chairwoman of the education committee, I have the exiting mission of being responsible of these activities. First out was Magnus Jonsson, also from Hyper Island, that taught us how to work with InDesign (very useful!!!) and the next day we visited one of Sweden’s largest and best advertising agencies, Forsman&Bodenfors. It’s great to get the opportunity to meet the companies “in person” to broaden the network and gain understanding for how they work. Emelie from F&B were very inspiring, and maybe we have a few future planners among us in the association now 🙂 Read more about our activities here!


To get the chance to relax a bit before next week starts, with a new course, new meetings and “social events”, I did my usual meditation from the back of my horse on Sunday. I’m lucky it only takes me 30 minutes to the family farm from my tiny apartment in central Stockholm. It gives me the freedom to get some fresh air for fresh thoughts.



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