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A day in a marketing student’s life

Just to get a feeling of what a day in a marketing student’s life can look like, I will now tell you about my jolly fun Thursday 🙂

Copywriting lecture, Marknadsakademien
The beautiful and sunny day started off with a Marknadsakademien (Marketing Academy) lecture in copywriting, with the copywriter and strategy consultant Mario Nilsson. It was a great lecture, where we had the chance to get an insight in how advertising agencies works and what it takes to be a good copywriter, both in terms of team player but also as a craftsman. As part of the education committee I have the awesome responsibility to arrange these lectures and make sure that the association members is prepared for the upcoming working life in the industry.

Mario Nilsson, Copywriting lecture, Marknadsakademien

Mario Nilsson, Copywriting lecture, Marknadsakademien

Branding lecture, Master’s programme
After a lunch on the go, it was time for a lecture in the Consumer Culture Theory course, where we discussed branding, identity, meaning and what postmodernity means within advertising. It’s important with participation during the lectures, and you are expected to discuss the issues. It’s a good chance to dissect and dig deeper into the subject if you are well prepared 😉 But which marketer doesn’t love branding?!

As an example, we discussed what the actual story is in this commercials. Can you tell?

Mingle at a scholarship awards banquet, PrimeLab
Directly after the lecture it was time to join an awards banquet with a friend of mine, who participated in a scholarship contest arranged by one of Sweden’s largest PR agencies, Prime PR (PrimeLab). We had a great time with trend seminars and mingling, both with Prime-people, other marketing students and the jury. It’s good to take every opportunity to go to these events, both since it’s fun to socialize with people that shares the same interest as you, but also good for networking and personal/professional development since you always learn something new about the industry!

Jury: Prime representatives and Fredrik Lange from Handelshögskolan

Jury: Prime representatives and Fredrik Lange from Handelshögskolan

Concert with Khoma at Debaser Slussen
Since I really like to go to concerts, I directly after the awards went to the nearest club, Debaser Slussen, and saw one of Sweden’s coolest progressive/alternative metal bands, Khoma (with members from Cult of Luna, The Perishers and The Deportees). One thing, among others, which is really good about Stockholm is the music scene. Sweden has great music within a lot of genres and you can see good concerts with artists from the entire world almost every day. Compared to clubbing, it’s pretty cheap (the entrance to a club can cost you between 120kr to 250kr, and a concert ticket is about the same if it’s not an arena concert).

Khoma at Debaser Sussen

Khoma at Debaser Sussen

Great end on a great day as a marketing student at Stockholm University School of Business 🙂


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