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Course literature, articles, case studies, library books, etc. etc. The one part of school that sends students on a treasure hunt to find the best prices, the last copy in the library, or needing to be extra nice to a second year student in order to buy their copy.

But fear not, course literature and its accessibility has been changing in recent years. During my undergraduate I had to buy at least one to two books per class which meant about 5-15 books a year that would be bought for full price in print- with then maybe 5 chapters assigned from the book. The following year a new chapter would be added which would mean a whole new book needed to be purchased. I’m not even sure if I understood the meaning of used book store.

Mona Loose/

Mona Loose/

That was 2 years ago and a lot has changed. Now more and more universities are making course literature more accessible (and cheaper) to students by uploading the course info online. This has also happed at Stockholm University School of Business. The course literature for the Master’s in Consumer & Business Marketing has generally been readily available through Fastreg. Many of the courses I have taken have either had uploaded articles directly onto the course website or the articles have been available through Stockholm University’s online library. Of the 8 courses I have taken this year I have bought books for two of them. There is also the Campusbutiken on campus and if you look early you can find second hand books from the past year.

Luckily, many of these books have been available through: the professor online, Stockholm library, Akademibokhandeln, or Google books. It also helps to have great classmates who are tech savvy and willing to help by uploading many of the readings online.

So my tip for course literature is that while not every course required us to purchase a book, those that did had many of the books and articles available online. If you decide to purchase the books (about 1 per course) expect to pay around 300 – 500kr a book.  For some courses like Brands: a cultural perspective, it was very useful to buy the course literature as the whole course revolved around it.

So while searching for course literature can be a daunting task, do not worry, with the right classmates and accessibility of the Stockholm University library, you will have no problem finding the course literature.


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