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Spring time = activity time

When it’s spring in Stockholm, there is a lot of things to do for a marketing student. It’s as if everyone comes to life and suddenly there is activities arranged every minute for those who like to test their skills or meet new people that shares your interests (marketing and communications in this case). One example is Sweden’s largest ad competition called 48H. The competition is created for and by students of the ad schools and universities of Stockholm. This year it was arranged by Stockholm University and Berghs School of Communication. There were also a few students from the Marketing Academy competing, and two of them were prize winners! 48H is a great opportunity for students that want to test their skills and broaden their network, or just have fun 🙂

My fabulous team on the bureau AND

My fabulous team on the bureau AND


48H 2013

The winning entry

The winning entry

There is also other activities, such as conventions and conferences with the aim to inspire for creativity. One of them is Aggro Pekuliar, an event based on human creativity. With help from speakers such as Mary Fagot, Dan Ariley and others, the goal is to strengthen participants creative self-confidence so they will leave the event full of energy and desire to realize their dreams. And of course it’s a lot about exchanging thoughts and ideas with the other participants that comes from the whole industry. Very inspiring!

Mary Fagot gave us 7 factors that are important to be creative:

  1. See opportunity
  2. Be vulnerable and find the emotion
  3. Mix high and low
  4. Self-learning
  5. Collaboration ship
  6. Look for glitches 
  7. Stop stopping yourself
Change is fear! By Mary Fagot

Change is fear! By Mary Fagot

Shortly said, if you are interested in marketing and communication you will not get bored during spring time, and I would actually argue that Stockholm is one of the best places to be.


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