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Soo looking forward to…

Swedish Strawberries

Swedish Strawberries
Credit: Ulf Huett-Nilsson/

It’s finally happening, it’s finally here! Spring has come, the sun is up until 9pm, and one the things I am looking forward to most it on it’s way- Swedish strawberries. Nothing completes a beautiful, sunny, warm day than a bowl of Swedish strawberries.

For the past couple months I have been eating frozen strawberries. While still delicious, they don’t have that “I’m living the good life” kind of feel that real Swedish strawberries give. But they came from a Swedish grocery store so I guess that is as close as you can get in the winter.

So now it is soon time to add these strawberries to everything. Strawberry smoothies, strawberries with kladkaka, jordgubbstårta (Swedish strawberry cake), yoghurt…you get the picture.

midsummer cake swedish strawberries

Midsummer Cake
Credit: Carolina Romare/

Friendly tip: Buy the strawberries at a street vendor instead of a grocery store. It will cost you about 10kr for a bundle.

So grab some friends, a blanket, and have a picnic with all the delicious strawberries you can eat!


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