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Where to Eat at the School of Business

Quite a few people wonder about what kind of eating options there are here at The School of Business. Truth be told, because the location isn’t within close proximity to downtown, you’re more or less confined to the selection on campus. However, besides benefitting from far more scenic geography than Frescati, Krafriket also has plenty of food options. While no student budget can accommodate paying for meals on campus every day, once in a while you may find it necessary to splurge.

The main building at Kraftriket is serviced by “Prego” and has more standard and less notable offerings like sandwiches, salads and coffee. In a pinch, this will do.

One of the better options at Kraftriket is Kraftan, located down by the water. With a rotating menu consisting of vegetarian, vegan and omni offerings, the quality far surpasses preconceived notions of ‘cafeteria food’. With a discounted price of 85sek before 1130 (and 98sek afterwards), the buffet style setting ensures you can ‘maximize’ your value, though still expectations should remain tempered.


A lesser-known option however is Smedjan in the math building. While they don’t accept cards (somewhat of an anomaly in Stockholm), the rotating menu of pasta and other homestyle dishes, fresh-er looking sandwiches and independent vibes (not to mention the ladies behind the counter) make it a worthy candidate to rival multi-ethnic and organic Green Peas at Frescati, which in my opinion is the best option anywhere at Stockholm University.

While you can’t deny the logic in bringing your own food and availing yourself of the communal tables and microwaves– if need be, no one will go hungry whilst studying at Kraftriket.

A list of all the eating options at Frescati, Kraftriket and beyond (complete with a map) can be found here.


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