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A weekend in Sweden


While Sweden may not be on the top country on everyone’s Euro Trip list, after this weekend I think Sweden should be given a second thought.

Euro Vision 2013 in Mälmo

Euro Vision 2013 in Mälmo
Picture: Barorama

Stockholm just had a weekend of big events that included music, cars, and hockey. On Saturday night Eurovision was broadcast in Malmö Sweden. For those unfamiliar with Eurovision (i.e. anyone outside Europe) it is an international singing contest  that is held every year with over 39 countries participating. This year another Scandinavian country won (Denmark) and the world was once again introduced to Swedish culture through some video clips. While you may not understand the humour now, after moving to Sweden in August these clips will become even more understandable.

Gumball 3000 Stockholm

Gumball 3000 coming through Stockholm
Picture: Metro

On Sunday afternoon, the Gumball 3000 rolled into Stockholm before catching a cruise over to Finland. This event is for high end car enthusiasts. Although the cars came late, I still rushed out of a cafe (of course after eating my typical meatball and potato lunch) to snap some pictures of Bentley, Porsche, Ferrari, and a couple Ducati’s. So not bad for an afternoon on a cloudy day.

sweden guld vm

Champions: Sweden win VM Gold at the Globe arena
Picture: Svenskafans

And finally, while Canada was not in the VM hockey finals, it was still an exciting match with Sweden verse Switzerland in the IIHF World Hockey Championship in Stockholm. There was two outcomes of this as someone cleverly pointed out. One, Sweden was the first country to win as a hosting nation sine 1986 (so you can imagine the joy and celebrations happening that night in the streets), and secondly, Americans finally realized that Sweden and Switzerland are two different countries. (Believe me, when I say I live in Stockholm people say, “Oh how’s Switzerland?”)

So as you can see, living way up North does not cut you off from the rest of the world, rather the rest of the world comes here. You’ll have plenty of international events to enjoy while spending your time studying at Stockholm University.

Sweden in 5 minutes broadway style


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  1. Stockholm and Copenhagen are really lovely, don’t know about Malmo 🙂

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