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Break times for escapism

Soon the spring term is over and we will have summer break. But summer isn’t the only time of the year when you as a student are able to have break. Sure, there is always something you have to do in school, but there is a few periods during the year when there is not that many lectures in school, “only” homework. Examples of these periods are:

  • one week during december, Christmas to New Years
  • one week during end of March beginning of April, Easter
  • few days during May, scattered holidays

Me myself prefer using the holidays in March for traveling to warmer and brighter places since Stockholm can get a bit energy draining during the long winter. I actually have a strategy to save money and research for an as cheap and fun trip as possible every early spring, just to reload. This is also something I would suggest others to do, especially if you are not used to the darkness that exist here during wintertime!

This year, I went to Sri Lanka. It is one of the best places I’ve ever visited 🙂

Elephant, Sri Lanka

Elephant, Yala

First time I met wild elephants up close – the most expressive eyes

Sunset, Sri Lanka

Fishermen in the sunset, Wijaya Beach

Fantastic and soooo beautiful beach with great snorkling, surf and calm

Wijaya Beach

Wijaya Beach

Elephant Rock, Yala

Elephant Rock, Yala

So tiered nature, with everything from steppe, jungle, paradise beaches and high mountains

Wijaya Beach restaurant

Wijaya Beach restaurant

We didn’t have a place to live when we arrived to Sri Lanka and found this restaurant with fantastic food and people on the most beautiful beach. It turned out they had rooms and a bungalow to rent. We ended up staying there throughout the week 🙂

I will definitely go back…!


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