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Schools out for the summer

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My goal this summer: kayaking in Stockholm’s Archipelago
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It is unbelievable how fast 10 months can fly by. A lot has happened this year while studying at Stockholm University’s School of Business, so it is hard to summarize in one blog. To begin with, meeting great classmates from different countries and who are travelling the world has really made me want to explore the world even more. Some of them have lived in 4+ countries and have decided to continue this tradition by studying abroad for their third semester or, completing an internship in a foreign country. I really do admire those who are so open to learn about a new cultures and are able to adapt so easily to their new surroundings.

Case work Credit: Ulf Lundin/

Group work: A staple in the marketing program
Credit: Ulf Lundin/

A highlight at the university was having guest lectures by companies and working on real-life cases in class that dealt with relevant business marketing problems. While Stockholm University School of Business does offer a more academic theoretical approach to business, it was appreciated that portions of some courses were dedicated to applying this theoretical knowledge to real-world situations. Case studies involved companies such as Starbucks, IKEA, CISCO, and McKinsey, while guest lectures included the Swedish company iZettle and Jakki J. Mohr from University of Montana-Missoula speaking about Marketing in High-Technology Companies.

I also enjoyed my time participating in the Graduate Student Council (G.S.C.). While most of the work is done in the background, it gave an unique opportunity to understand the relationship between academia and administration at the business school. We were able to bring student’s concerns and suggestions to the appropriate department in charge and hopefully some of these proposals can be implemented throughout the coming years.

As for this summer, I am completing an internship at the business school, working a bit, and travelling through Europe until the start of the next semester in September. I hope everyone enjoys their summer whether in Stockholm, interning in a new country, or for those eagerly awaiting to start their program at Stockholm Business School in the fall. Vi hörs!


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