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Välkommen! A warm welcome to the new bachelor, master, and exchange students coming to Stockholm University School of Business for Fall 2013! I am a Master’s in Consumer & Business Marketing student from Canada entering into my second year. Yes, time will fly wether here for a couple months or a couple of years.

View of Stockholm Ola Ericson/

View of Stockholm
Ola Ericson/

I know in the next couple weeks all of you will be arriving in Stockholm- some of you will be scrambling to pack the night before and know little of Stockholm, while others have been planning months in advance and even know which bus, subway, and train will take you to Stockholm University.

As you try and orientate yourself in your new surroundings, I’ve tried to put together a few tips that can help make your first couple weeks in Stockholm to help you learn more about your surroundings.

  • Buy a one-month SL card
SL public transportation MelkerDahlstrand/

SL public transportation

As you will come to learn, you may not order/receive your official student card into order to get the transportation student discount until mid-late September. Don’t buy a 72 hr or one week card you will be wasting your money. The SL transportation card can be used on all buses, subways, commuter-trains, and even some boats. The subway even runs all night during the weekends! Money well spent.

  • Classes? Questions? Student services?
Kräftriket from above

Stockholm University School of Business Kräftriket campus

Everything that you will need academic wise at Stockholm University School of Business will be located in Building 3 (classes, lectures) and Building 15 (lectures, Exchange Office, returning exams, student services) on Kräftriket campus. Bus 40 and 70 (or walking) will take you there from the universitetet subway stop. Learn to love these buildings, you will be there until you leave.

  • Bike around the city!
Bike Stockholm

Bicycling through Stockholm
Hannes Söderlund/

What better way to learn about your new home than seeing it all? Luckily in Stockholm there are so many bike lanes and bikes to rent, you have no excuse not to!

  • Attend Orientation/get the newsletter

On August 28th, Stockholm University has Orientation Day for ALL students. What better way to get to know classmates and future friends than participating in the weekend-long activities? The Stockholm University Student Union also has an international section that sends out a weekly international newsletter for international students by students. Get informed about activities on campus, Orientation Week, and what’s going on in Stockholm. Email to be on the mailing list.

I hope these tips can help you better learn about your surroundings. So have a great first couple of weeks and I know you’ll end up loving Stockholm!


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