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Kick-off party at Café Opera

Kick-off part

Main dancefloor under the beautiful chandeliers

We had an awesome and lovely night out at the prestigious venue of Café Opera last night. The venue where royalty and celebrity such as Mick Jagger and Madonna have partied at since 1980. The event was for exchange students and Swedish students of the School of Business and the tickets were thoughtfully considerate of student budgets and cost 100 SEK for entrance and two drinks. Whereas drinks there usually cost 160 SEK.

All of us new students have been put into smaller groups of ~40 with three helpful older students called “faddrar” who answer questions, arrange parties, hold competitions and dinners.

A limo for a cab for only 2250 SEK an hour.

Arrive in style for only 2250 SEK per hour.

Our group started the night with a pre-party (Swedish: förfest, the verb “to pre-party”: föra – a commonly used word) at one of our faddrars lovely apartment where we mingled, played games and got to know each other better. The conversations never stop when every single one is (honestly) so highly entertaining and interesting because we all have such different backgrounds.

Live mixing in action

Mixing us some lovely tunes

As nightfall came we continued onward to the club where the place was jam-packed with exchange students from Indonesia to France and Swedish students from Närke to Kiruna. When the clock turned eleven the place opened their doors to the public and the party really started. A mix of Stockholm’s best party people gathered together under one roof, dancing the night away on four different floors to awesome house DJ’s. For the strong, fierce and energetic – Caféet is open for dancing and hanging out until 03:00. All in all – an absolutely fabulous and fun night to start the semestre!


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