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Lasertag & Sturecompagniet

Imagine this, but way darker

As part of these first weeks of welcoming activities we (all of the new students and our previously mentioned faddrar) spent the Thursday playing battling in laser tag. Personally I sprained my ankle and got a cartoon-sized bump on my forehead when I ran into a hiding place that turned out to be a wall. Pro-tip: don’t drink and laser tag. Laserdome is a big enough hangout venue though that if you choose to drink you can do safer activities outside the “dome” playing darts, foosball, chess, slot- and pinball machines and just plain old-fashioned talking.

Hanging out

Thursdays are a special day for students at the School of Business because we get free entrance to Sturecompagniet, one of Sweden’s most prestigious and legendary nightclubs with its unique high-ceiling, turn-of-the century locale and also the mystical “clubs-in-the-club” Suite, 309 and V. So of course we couldn’t miss it for the world and most of us headed straight from Laserdome to Stureplan to pull an all-nighter of dancing.

The main dancefloor

High-fiving the in-house DJ

Tomtebloss and 309.


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