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Stockholm Metro – a fun guide


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Riding the subway in Stockholm can be a tad bit confusing in the beginning.  Which ticket to buy (a topic that has been covered by Rose here), where to go, how to get from point A to point B and when the operating hours are can be a nightmare if you don’t get the basics first. All the information you need can be found at and for those with an iPhone or Android it’s best to get the free SL-app where you can easily see if there are any traffic disturbances or how to get from where you are exactly to the nearest subway and then get you to your destination with their Travel planner widget.

[tip: click the pic to read the station names]

The picture above is the Stockholm subway map but with the station names translated from Swedish to English. Fun, huh? You’ll find the School of Business at Universitet on the red line, appropriately called The University because it is the university to attend!


2 thoughts on “Stockholm Metro – a fun guide

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  2. I’ve found a few guides like this on the Internet and I have to say that this one was great! Thanks for this! Maybe this Stockholm Subway Guide can help people aswell: