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Sittning #1 – what is a sittning?

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The faddrar entertaining us new students with a lovely passionate dance routine

A student sittning at the School of Business is an evening of three-course dinners with lots of singing and performances + dancing and a confession booth! As usual it starts with a lovely pre-party at one of the faddrar’s place and then you head to larger venue where the sittning happens!

Dress code

The dress code varies but for this semester it’s 1 – countries (depending on which faddergrupp nation you are in, you dress accordingly. For example: I’m in France so I was the Eiffel Tower while the others were in Tour de France and other atypically french people). 2 – Disney! (each faddergrupp is assigned a Disney movie to make their own). 3 – Fanciness (suit and tie, evening gown).

We got points if we had one of us dress up as a mimer, so we made it happen.

The dinner

For the small price of 350 SEK you get a ticket to the event, an appetizer, a main course, dessert, two drinks, one snaps and one punsch!

Two grapes from Greece before the dinner started


A sittning starts with a specific song and ends with a specific song, and between those songs many more will be sung. The songs are all collected in a beautiful blue booklet for those times when you don’t know the songs by heart. Songs are also song in conjunction with drinking snaps and punsch. If you’re really in the mood to sing, you can start banging violently on the table and get others to join you and with a rumble you end the banging with a “TEMPO!” and the toastmasters have to start sing-a-long. Other requests can be shouted out at the end of the rumble, like “BORDSSKÅL!” – after which everyone at the table say cheers to each other. Every song carries different traditions of movement, gestures and drinking – so it is best to imitate your fadder when you’re confused instead of looking like a giant question mark.


The end of each song calls for a skål (toast). At the School of Business we have toast etiquette for in which order you toast whom and how. The order also changes depending on the type of song.


Lady, gent, lady, gent if possible. And of course you sit with your faddergrupp in the fadderiet.

Pre-dinner mingling in lovely outfits representing the nations

“let me entertain you”

Loads of performances happen throughout the night with competitions, humour clips, dancing, singing (including a special singing performance from the chairman himself) and so many more random entertainment events happen.

Pick-up line contest!


The sittnings are guided by two appointed toastmasters who also have to start the collective singing each time a song is in order.

So in conclusion, a wonderfully fun and brilliant evening for laughing, singing, eating, drinking, dancing and getting to know one another (especially in the confession booth)!