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Final gala ceremony and banquet at the School of Business

Thursday night we had our final dinner for the intro weeks for us micronomer and we turned into economists. Prizes for best dressed, best micronom, best fadder and the likes were given and there  were so many beautiful performances throughout the night. As usual a beautiful serenade from the chairman, the faddrar doing such amazing stunts and there was a secret one that was a part of. We were 22 students picked out of 500 to perform the secret dance performance. My momma always told me I was special.

Just before the appetizers, mingling

Faddrar doing their first routine and the winning group of the Fadderiet tournament was ESPAÑA!!!

The faddrars second performance was of epic proportions.

The lovely company I had by the table

Winner of this years male micronomists and the saxophone used in our secret performance.

Yours truly, luckily posing for a pic before the wine and dancing

After the dinner and performances. We danced and partied until three in the morning. I had so much fun that I didn’t realize I re-sprained my ankle until the morning after. Although this is the official last sittning for this semester’s fadderiet, I’m more than sure there’ll be many more nights to remember at the Stockholm School of Business…


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