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The event of the year: Nobel NightCap

Nobel Award Ceremony

I’m 2nd row, 2nd from the right!
Nobel Award Ceremony 2011

Each year Stockholm hosts the world renown Nobel Prize Award Ceremony & Banquet in December. The award ceremony is held at Konserthuset (the Concert Hall) and the reception is held at Stadshuset (City Hall) with over 1,000 guest. The official Nobel After-party (called Nobel NightCap) is then held at a university in Stockholm and is organized by the university’s student union. All students (including international) are able to attend or volunteer for the most sought after event of the year.

Who knew the Computer Library at SU could be such a party?

Who knew the Computer Library at SU could be such a party?

The upcoming  Nobel Night Cap will be held at Karolinska Institutet by the Medicinska föreningen (the Medical student union) on December 10th, 2013. Positions can include decorations, security, catering, make-up, bartender, entertainer, and so forth.

To learn more about how to attend or volunteer for the event, follow them on Facebook at Nobel Nightcap or visit Last day to apply is November 10th, 2013!

This is def. an event worth volunteering or attending. I was lucky enough to work at the Nobel Prize Ceremony & Dinner, and then attend the after-party at Stockholm University in 2011. It is something you will never forget. And as you will see, the theme of the event is kept top secret until the night. When I attended it was an Alice in Wonderland theme. It included elaborate costumes, set designs, chess boards, DJs, great appetizers, a cigar room, roasted pig outside, a chocolate fountain, etc. etc. Who knows what this years will be?

Need more convincing? I interviewed fellow School of Business student Maria about the Nobel Nightcap to find out more about last year’s Nobel Nightcap.

Maria Drobek

Maria Drobek

Maria Drobek, a student studying at Stockholm University School of Business from Germany, gives us a first-hand perspective of volunteering at one of Stockholm’s biggest nights held last year at Tekniska Högskolan.

How did you find out about volunteering?
I discovered an announcement for supporters wanted for the Nobel night cap shared through one of the Facebook’s pages connected to Stockholm University account.

Did you need to speak Swedish?
No. One of the most inspiring points is that all teams consist of people from diverse backgrounds, schools or nationalities. Since often only the team captains are Swedish, the rest of the team comes from everywhere around the globe. The usual communication language is English.

Clowning around- attending KTH's circus-themed Nobel NightCap

Clowning around- attending KTH’s circus-themed Nobel NightCap

One does not only develop a network outside one’s own school but one also gets to know a lot about people’s individual motivations- not only to attend the Nobel After party, but rather giving input to create to make this event happen. Indeed you will have a lot of fun learning new, more hand-crafted things besides your usual studies and share fun and sometimes also exhausting hours with your mates. Every single person involved is important to make this event a reality. Since the schedule is full with plenty of things to arrange before, each team depends on each other in lending a helping hand to make it one of most unforgettable nights.

What was your position?
I was a volunteer within the catering team. One of my tasks during the Nobel Night Cap was to provide special candies or deserts to the guests or to provide dishes and glasses to the bars and food stations. In the building weeks before the event, the catering team was involved in cooking the food for all construction supporters. However, often a helping hand was needed to create or build the decoration for one of the theme rooms, so therefore one was basically involved in several different fields.

What is best memory you have of the Official Nobel after-party?

Basically during the event you are working like a machine to create the best atmosphere for the guests. You will not sleep during almost 36 hours because of the last building shifts, the event itself, and the cleaning up before you then directly go to your lectures. Indeed, it will be tough but the impressions and experiences you collect, and being a part of it will be worth it. You will be around when royals cheer with champagne, when Nobel Prize winners speculate about new ideas, and when local VIPs want to take pictures with you and your great costume/makeup.

For me it was challenging myself to see how much you can achieve with working, studying, and volunteering within a very tight schedule over almost a month- and I can tell it is a lot! Having volunteered brought me the insights to how these huge events are set up behind the scenes and are dependent on each individual actor’s performance. And one would be lying if they say that the possibility of going backstage and having special access does not make you feel special!


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