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Thesis time

Most of my classmates have now returned from internships and studies across the world.We had a small reunion at Ugglan Boule bar last week, good place if you want to hang out a larger group and play some games. It was great to see how everyone is and gossip a bit about our last semester, studying abroad, working to the core during our internship, studying in Stockholm and traveling.

This is our last semester of our program and that means that its time to focus on our thesis. Each student belongs to a thesis group of 5-6 students that all have the same supervisor and that peer review each-others papers during the semester. We all sent our thesis proposals before Christmas and received our supervisors in mid January. Most of my classmates are staying in Stockholm but 2-3 people have already started working abroad and are flying up to Stockholm for our seminars. We have 8 meetings during the semester where we have to be in Stockholm to meet our professors or present our thesis, but except for that we are working on our own and honestly I can read articles and write on my thesis anywhere with a good wifi 🙂  I wish all my peers good luck. Right now I think I will also need it.

Our topics are really diverse only in my seminar group we’re covering Word-of-Mouth, Online car sales, product placement, marketing investment in regions with crisis and social identity in relation to power & fashion.

Right now we are all a bit nervous but I think we’ll be fine and proud of our work in June 🙂


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