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Welcoming Day

Last Wednesday was the official Welcoming Day at main campus and as always my dance group Kårsetten and Kårsdraget our show orchestra were the first event of the day. If you are one of those students that feels a bit nervous when you have to present in front of a large audience I highly recommend performing in front of them. Great way to conquer your fear 🙂 I used to have stage fright as a kid. We’re always looking for more dancers and musicians. Right now we’re lacking trumpets and flutes so if you play that you are extra welcome 😉

The welcoming day is a great event for new and old students to learn more about the clubs and associations on campus. we have everything from dancing and playing music to political student parties, religious groups, all different kinds of sport groups and the klubmästerier that organize all the student pubs just to name a few. For more info look at the Student Union’s website. The difference between Stockholm’s student life and the student life in more typical student cities such as Uppsala or Lund is that here in Stockholm the student life competes with many other options for partying, social gatherings and sports whereas in typical student towns the student life is the social party scene. Stockholm’s student life has therefore gotten a reputation of being non-existent which isn’t true, it’s just hard to find.


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