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Interning abroad + course work = achievable?


As part of the Master’s in Business & Consumer Marketing programme, we had the opportunity to either study abroad or complete an internship for our third semester. After some going back and forth, I decided I would like to put theory to practice and complete an internship abroad.


What would the world do without interns?
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First tip for all of deciding to complete an internship…start looking early! I really didn’t start looking until March since the deadline to hand in my acceptance to an internship was in June. It really does take time to write out individual cover letters and refine your resume. As many of you already know, organizations love for you to re-type your resume into their system. I think the longest application took me 1 ½ hours to complete.

Second tip, keep applying to as many internships as possible. I applied to at least 60 applications with placements all over the world. While I knew the majority would probably not reply, it was nice at the end to have a few good options to choose from. Don’t limit yourself to only one field in a particular country. Take a chance and apply globally!

New York.

Interning in New York.
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I ended up interning at an international organization in New York city. It was going from one international experience in Stockholm to another since I met more foreigners than Americans! The knowledge I gained, the experiences I had, and people I met from all over the world made it all worthwhile, I would go back in a heart-beat.

Now that it’s all said and done, handing-in course work while completing a full time internship is achievable. During my time abroad, I needed to complete the Reflective Practice course work. I had an essay (about 3 pages) to hand in once every couple weeks, with a final paper of about 4,000 words to complete by early January. The essays revolved around different aspects of the organization i.e. power and resistance, effectiveness vs. efficiency, etc. I did not feel over-whelmed by having course work during my time abroad. It was also beneficial that we also received feedback on every assignment we handed in so you know what to improve for the next paper.

While I am looking forward to hearing my classmates stories about their time abroad studying, I can definitely recommend if you have the opportunity, take your learning out of the classroom and into the workforce. Complete an internship abroad- it will be worth all those hours spent looking for a placement that’s juuust right.


Author: Rose

It´s not about the destination, but the journey along the way.

2 thoughts on “Interning abroad + course work = achievable?

  1. It is really difficult and unmanageable to carry both things together. Study and intern both are very complicated and requires time constraints for students.

    Preparing a well researched university coursework assignment is a time consuming task and students have to manage and organize his time in order to carry both tasks perfectly.

  2. Hello,

    Yes, it can be a juggling act, but I agree with you that a student has to manage their time effectively in order to carry out both tasks. With a little time management, at least within this programme, it was manageable.