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Last week I meet some of the first year students in my program and they were wondering which courses I would recommend them as electives for the next  semester. My recommendation to them and to you if you’re wondering on what you should study next semester is to apply to OpenLab’s course ”Utmaningar för den växande staden” before April 15 on the course code for Stockholm university students is SU-01168. It’s a 15 ECTS course  for master-students or students at the end of Civilekonomprogrammet, and the course is halftime over the entire semester and goes both during the fall & spring semester.

I took this course last spring and I loved it. Working in interdisciplinary teams I learned how to work with people from many different study backgrounds. My team consisted of two psychology students, one sociologist, two product design engineers, one medical engineer and me with a background in business and marketing. Through our collaboration we learned more from each-others different perspectives and managed to reach more innovative solutions than we would have done on our own separately. OpenLab is a collaboration between Stockholm University,KTH, KI &Södertörn University, all master-students from the partner universities are able to apply.OpenLab’s methodology is based on Design Thinking, which was


Image explaining the OpenLab process

developed by IDEO and Stanford University. OpenLab combines the use of Design Thinking with SCRUM,  a framework to easier handle the complex problems faced by the partner organizations and deliver productive and creative high value solutions.

I like my masters-program but sometimes SBS feels very theoretical and it was a fun and developing experience to work with a real long-term project where we tried to find practical and innovative solutions to current challenges that some of OpenLab’s partner organizations like the City of Stockholm (Stockholms Stad), Stockholm County Council (Stockholms läns landsting) and the County Administrative Board of Stockholm(Länstyrelsen i Stockholms län) have today and better prepare them for future challenges. I got the chance to use my theoretical knowledge out in the real world.
Image of my group, right in the middle of some brainstorming 😉 with me sitting in the middle.
My group worked with the Stockholm County Council and their long-term project finding the right path in health-care. Being a marketing student I worked a lot with  their communication strategies in social media and their website. We did several qualitative interviews with health care staff and used quantitative questionnaires to find the public opinion on their health care in combination with recent research in health care management. The Stockholm County Council really liked our results and my group got excellent reviews 🙂 Here’s our rapport if you want to find out more about our project.

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